REO Home Details - 4325 ROBINSON WAY, ROCKLIN, CA 95677

Single Family Active

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City: ROCKLIN, California. Zip: 95677
Tuesday 24 August 2010

Property Details

  • Beds/Baths: 0/0
  • Fax: 916.625.1020
  • Voice Mail/Cell: 916.705.4374

Property Description

Corporate Owned*This lot/house is a demo project, it is being sold at the lot value as it has been rezoned to Multi Family. Currently it cannot be fixed and flipped as an SFR it must be rebuilt as a multi family unit. Please visit building department and due your deligence before making offer. Also, there is no utilities to the home, they will have to be brought back in, and are estimated to cost approximately 12-15K. Please consult with your agent before making offer.

Real Estate Agent Contacts

Colby Culbertson
Realtor Email:
Realtor Phone: 916.625.4406

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This Single Family property situated in 4325 ROBINSON WAY, ROCKLIN, CA 95677 is currently for sale and has Active status. You can get all required information from Colby Culbertson. Feel free to contact by email: or phone: 916.625.4406
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